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Closet Organizing and Professional Tips to End “Stuffication”

 If you’re amongst the New Year’s resolution makers who have vowed to greet 2014 with a clean and organized house, tackling your closets should be a top priority. No matter how tidy the rest of your house appears, if your closets are filled to the brim with useless junk, making it impossible for you to access the things you do need, you’ll feel the same type of frustration you experienced when your entire house was cluttered. Plus, it’s a slippery slope; clutter tends to breed, so if you allow it to remain in your closets, it won’t be long until it starts spilling out into other parts of your house.

 To get started, set up three designated areas; one for the things you’re getting rid of, another for the things that will go back into the closet, and a third for things that need to be relocated. This will allow you to clearly see if your stuff will fit neatly into the space that is available. If you’ve got more stuff than space, you might want to consider renting a storage unit. A storage unit (like this one in Canberra) will allow you to keep seasonal items you love while avoiding unnecessary clutter in your closets.

 The next step is to get the organizational supplies necessary to provide a home for everything that is going back into the closet. If you don’t already have a shoe rack, purchasing one can free up a ton of floor space. If you don’t already have multiple levels of hanger bars, consider buying the type that loop over your existing bar and hang from a chain. This will allow you to hang twice as much clothing in the same amount of space. Jackets and tops on the top bar, pants and skirts on the bottom bar.



For items that won’t be hung up, consider stacking storage receptacles that provide easy access with sliding drawers. When choosing storage containers, keep in mind that it will also be much easier to find what you’re looking for if you purchase containers that are either transparent or have labels.



If you are keeping smaller items in storage containers, such as socks, underwear, belts, etc… there are a wide variety of drawer and space dividers on the market, which will take your closet organization to a whole new level. Remember that in addition to shelves and floor space, you can also make use of the inside of your closet door or empty walls (depending upon your closet design) by adding hanging shoe, hat, or accessory storage.

There is no reason to spend another year suffering from “stuffication.” You’ll breathe easier knowing that clutter isn’t lurking behind every closed door, and you’ll provide yourself with both a metaphorical and a physical clean slate. Closet organization is a great place to begin your commitment to a simplified home. By eliminating what you no longer use or enjoy, you will ensure that all of the things you do love have a proper home and are easy to access when you need them.

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