Everything Old is New?

I am sure a lot of you have realized that retro, recycled, renewed are all very popular terms used in the design community right now.

Personally, I love it all!  I just acquired a beautiful 72″D table made from reclaimed wood planks.  It is placed on an Recycled wood table ‘area rug’ made from FLOR carpet tiles (renewable, recycled,eco-friendly materials).  In the same room is a small stool from China (also old wood).  There is  a Solar Tube sky light in the room that provides wonderful natural light for most of the day eliminating the need to switch on electrical light sources.

As a designer I delight in mixing old and rustic with new and modern design elements. Hanging above the table is a drum shade chandelier that is contemporary in style.  Soon (it has been ordered) a 30″ Carrerra Marble Lazy Susan will sit in the middle of the table. 

The key to a unique design that tells a personal story is mixing old with new, rustic with refined, neutral with color and rough textures with smoother ones.

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