Below is a guest post about you guessed it—-wood kitchen cabinetry.  S Interior Design has designed many kitchens over the 12 years we have been in business and wood cabinetry is the go to design answer in 95% of the kitchen cabinet choices.    For good reasons nicely outlined in the below post from our friends at George Robinson Kitchens.

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The kitchen is the central hub of the home where we spend many hours of our lives not only preparing food and eating meals, but socializing with our family and friends too.

In fact, the majority of us spend more of our waking hours in the kitchen than in any other room in the home so this is a space that needs to be solid and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear associated with regular family life.

No matter what style of kitchen you are most drawn to, be it classic or contemporary, who can resist the distinctive character and charm of a well designed, quality wooden kitchen?

The key benefits to choosing solid wood as the material for your kitchen are:

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Stylish Appearance

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There are a broad range of different woods to choose from for your kitchen cabinetry. Typically, kitchen carcasses are constructed with solid pine, whilst hardwoods tend to be the preference for the door, cupboard and drawer fronts. Generally you will make savings through choosing wood that can be sourced close to home.

Those who enjoy the warm appearance of the wood can choose their preferred type of wood for a traditional farmhouse, country or Shaker style. Whilst others can create a variety of more contemporary looking styles using a painted finish, a combination of wood and paint or by creating strong contrasts between the color of the wood and the other finishes in the space.

A great example of this is the use of dark hardwoods in a crisp white space, but essentially the options are endless, particularly if you are investing in a custom made wooden kitchen.

If you should change your mind… at a later stage, painted cabinets can be repainted in a different color or stripped or solid wood could be painted, so with just a small budget it is possible to completely recreate or update your look later on without the need for a new kitchen!

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Kitchens are a large investment for homeowners and therefore ideally they need to look great for a number of years, after all this is not a space you want to have to refresh or update in a hurry! The durability of the materials you choose for your cabinets, fixtures and fittings will of course have a huge impact on how well your kitchen wears over time.

The great thing about wood however, in terms of its durability is that not only is it resistant to knocks and dents, it also has great resistance to moisture and humidity, particularly once it has been properly finished and protected with wax, lacquer or paint. This is an excellent feature of any kitchen as many other materials can be damaged irreparably if they come into contact with an excessive amount of water or moisture.

It is inevitable over time that signs of wear will appear in key areas of your kitchen but wood has an additional quality over many other materials that are used to make kitchens because it lends itself to being sanded or refinished when necessary without any great difficulty or expense.

Stylish Appearance

Wooden kitchens have a timeless quality to them and with the right choice of design as a neutral base you can create a variety of unique looks to suit your personality and your home. When planning the design for your own wooden kitchen you are presented with the opportunity to create a functional, great looking space that you will absolutely love for many years.

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Enduring Popularity

Wood is the natural choice of material to opt for when building a kitchen because it has been used successfully for so many years, looks fabulous and works! It is a superior material when compared to the majority of alternatives because of the many great advantages it has to offer. A great quality, well designed wooden kitchen is an absolute joy to own and use and will often significantly increase the value of your home through appealing to potential buyers.

So if you are looking for a great investment and a long-lasting beautiful kitchen, choose wood!


George Robinson Kitchens are a UK based company who have been involved in the design and production of Kitchen Furniture for over 20 years. George Robinson Kitchens are the natural choice in helping you plan and create your beautiful and functional Living Environment.